Dancing Their Way Into Heaven As Father Gods

In this day and age we are so far eliminated from the notions and customs that have molded it that discussing them has an appearance of something too unusual to even consider pondering. So it is with the ‘demise dance’ that was representative of one’s acknowledgment as a divine being in paradise. To discover its source and comprehend its significance one should initially permit the sizes of visual deficiency to fall away and another reality to enter the programmed personalities of strict confidence.

My rebirth and memory of a between life experience in the Spirit was a trigger to take a gander at when, how, and why, present day beliefs were conceived. For what reason is a re-visitation of post-existence not acknowledged and for what reason do religions pull off lecturing doubtful junk and lies?

At the point when the age of 45 years was reached, as demonstrated to me in a dream when between lives, the Spirit charged me to ‘destroy the mass of chapels’. It was trailed by different dreams and orders, for example, ‘take me off the cross’.

Except if one can acknowledge resurrection as certainty then they Father George Rutler won’t ever comprehend the work the Spirit has driven me to do. That is the boundary, the mass of the chapels. It started in Babylon with the Islamic religion of that city. Many could never realize that this is where all religions started and they have their underlying foundations in Islam.

The falsehood directed by strict associations and the weapons of paradise and damnation have assembled a strong jail of the psyche. That prison is limited by the mass of duplicity and secret thrown up to avert revelation.

The start of the religion is shown in cavern workmanship and in the sanctuaries of old urban areas, like Catal Hüyük in Turkey. In its huge rooms are artworks on dividers that consent to those of the Mayan religion of Mexico. During my Honors Thesis in paleohistory (which was likened to that of a PhD) the likenesses were featured and they match. They additionally identify with the paleontology of Stonehenge, in England.

The most striking picture is that of headless bodies moving. In Turkey they are in relationship with colossal vultures that are known to have been the carrier of the dead to the brilliant award. In Palenque the special stepped area de sacrificios yielded what is portrayed as a picture of Pacal executing himself and moving.

So what did the dance have to do with the exchange of the body? It shows post-existence and that is the thing that the populaces were centered around. The lords expected to demonstrate that they had the ability to rise above from earth to paradise and to control in the hereafter, in any case their rule would have been to no end. This is the birthplace of Father God.

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